Rainbow Magic: Harper The Confidence Fairy - Daisy Meadows

Harper helps people feel confident using her magical objects (a heart-shaped belief badge, a coronet and her sparkly poise purse).  At the beginning of the book, we meet Sully, Flora and Luca who have formed their own Confidence Club after being bullied at school; however, their club house is about to be sold and they need the confidence to raise enough money to buy it themselves.  Kirsty and Rachel offer to help and then meet Harper the Confidence Fairy but she can't do anything until she recovers her magical objects from Jack Frost who has stolen them.  Can Rachel and Kirsty help Harper before it's too late?

The Rainbow Magic books are popular with the younger students in school so I was thrilled to get the chance to review this one.  I am also always looking for books that help to increase children's understanding of the diverse world in which we live and this is the first book with a Down's syndrome fairy.  After Harper is introduced into the story, she explains Down's syndrome to Kirsty and Rachel in a way that readers will be able to understand; I also liked that she mentions that her gift of trusting everyone is what Jack Frost took advantage of in order to steal her magical objects.  Harper is a wonderful character and, through the 3 stories in the book, readers get to know her and will be rooting for her to get her objects back.

The book is made up of three short stories which follow Harper and the others as they try to recover her magical objects.  The short stories and the short chapters within each story make the book perfect for readers who are looking to become more independent readers and I know that this book will be as popular in school as the rest of the Rainbow Magic books.  Add in the map at the beginning and the illustrations that are peppered through the book and this is an other guaranteed hit.

Huge thanks to Hachette for giving me this opportunity.

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