The Great Fox Heist - Justyn Edwards

Flick is back and this time, she is in the small town of Linth in Switzerland and is once again hoping to find her father to find her father.  However, he is nowhere to be seen.  the Great Fox, however, has other ideas and he has signed Flick and Charlie up for The Battle of The Magicians, a competition held every ten years to help the Global Order of Magic to choose a new chancellor.  Normally held in secret, this will be the first year cameras have been allowed in and four teams of children, mentored by a magician, are competing in several rounds of magic tricks.  Flick and Charlie are being mentored by the Fox who has planned the most daring trick for the finalé: stealing a priceless diamond from within the safe of the local bank (one of the most secure in the world).  But as the competition progresses, Flick begins to question the Fox's motives and worries that she can no longer trust him.  With the Bell System still being sought after, Flick has some big decisions to make.

I come from an age where Saturday night TV meant watching The Paul Daniels Magic Show, enthralled by the tricks and never quite able to work out exactly how they were carried out.  I have to admit that I'm still the same when it comes to magicians on shows like Britain's Got Talent.  Magic has always intrigued me and that is why I found The Great Fox Illusion such a compelling book.  So, when an early copy of The Great Fox Heist arrived for me (Thank-you Walker Books!), I was giddy!  Not only was I going to get another fix of magic, but I was going to finally get to discover what happens to Flick next (I've been curious!).

The book opens as Flick arrives in Switzerland with the Fox and it is clear from the start that her main aim is to find her father who she believes will be in Linth, and her disappointment when she discovers he isn't there is evident.  She seems bolder in this book, boosted by her success in the last competition and she appears unafraid to take chances in the pursuit of finding her dad.  Once again, she is determined not to let her prosthetic leg hinder things in any way but I have to say that I wanted to punch Gemma in the nose on so many occasions!  She was just rude and inappropriate; perhaps she was harassed with work (she often appears to be) but she was absolutely a lesson in how not to treat an amputee.  I love Flick's strength and determination which will make her an inspiration to many readers.  

Magic obviously plays a major role in the book (which I love) and I was enthralled by the various tricks that were performed during the course of the book and what I found particularly fascinating was the insight into the time and preparation that goes into a trick that may only last two minutes.  

The Bell System remains a major lure for characters within this book and we learn more about its potential as the plot unfolds.  The question that remains, though, is who is out to get this equipment for good and who is out to exploit the system for their own means?  You'll have to read the book to find out!

The Great Fox Heist is a thrilling adventure that will keep you guessing; loyalties are tested and questions are definitely raised.  With twists that will leave you reeling, I promise that this is a sequel that is even better than the first book and one that will leave you desperately hoping that there will be a book 3.  It's a compelling read and one that got me out of bed early on Saturday morning so I could finish it.  I loved this book and will be shouting about it every chance I get - and I will absolutely be adding it to my April display in Waterstones Newcastle.  

Publishing on the 6th April, The Great Fox Heist should definitely be a book that appears on your Easter wish-list alongside the chocolate.

Now, Justyn, please tell me there will be more from Flick! 🤞

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